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cute game! the characters are distinct and memorable! the bckgrd music for each of them fit well.

i didn't know the intention was to buy each product for the lowest possible price, ergo i didn't realise i'd lose money by not buying the crown and spell book. maybe i'm in the minority, but i think the goal/strategy could be explained more overtly.

games like this can be made in 48 hrs? that's pretty incredible imo, looking forward to see what you do next!

I'm gonna reiterate what others have said, but this is such a great puzzle game! The levels were challenging, but never frustrating. Thank you!

the running cycle is very cute!  the slight shake on the screen when the dog is running is endearing and added more tension for me. the game design is fun and i enjoyed seeing city features converted to platforms!

Similar to other comments, this game has such smooth mechanics and just the right increments of difficulty. The music is calming and adds a nice ambience.

Thank you for this! The art is so cute, and the typing mechanic forces me to practice proper typing skills! I'll definitely be checking out your other games!

This was fun! The character design and sprites are each distinctly cute. I must mention the final conversation with Kaya: its bad choice is crushing, and I applaud you for it.

Similar to Mousemysak, in my playthroughs I haven't been able to progress past Day 7--the game is at a standstill; much to my disappointment because I really want to know if I got a good ending.

Thank you!