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This is as confusing as dwarf fortress. Nah, Dwarf fortress would be a children's game compared to how complicated this is

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too hard, repetitive and too boring tbh

No i didn't.

>Dosen't give a fck about typing "to" instead of "2" to see how lazy this guy is

>#clean-air #good-for-the-soul #mindfulness #open-world #pacific-northwest #running

clearly a lazy f what thinks playing a game with no open world at all what is impossible to beat your best time if you just hold right is "mindful" and "good for the soul"

run irl

it's better


The music tells you to go intense without planning anything else, and the game tells the exact opposite. Ugh

too much 2048.

too much 2048.

The music, the graphics, the speed of the game and the game itself don't fit


hah got me original and clever

hah got me original and clever

hah got me original and clever