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Just wondering, are you by any chance planning on expanding the vore content of this? Possibly some explicitly endo vore?

technically I had known of this game before I saw the reference, but Tennis Ace was indeed what gave me the push to begin playing it.

I very much second a Solgaleo as a romancable character

do you have a link to them?

are you saying that somebody picked up this abandoned game and began developing it themselves?

just wondering, what exactly is going on with the new routes? how would I access them

same here

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I would like to bring attention that the newest build (11.4) still has this bug. I understand if you planned on having it in a later build though.

Same for me

Same here

ok, ty!

I would like to complain that "cherries" isn't an option for my favorite fruit, even though the fruit itself is my favorite.

Honestly, I found this too hilarious to be mad at all. It just fits too perfectly.

Wolfstar tempted fate. (right after Wolfstar asks how bad the new patch could be)

-I had thought that Dagio was the last to get in touch with you... how did I miss that?

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in that case, then Janus has a separate route? what am I missing to play it, then, if you don't mind saying?

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So, I tried doing Alex's route and apparently all that is there is the fact that he has no route right now, but I was wondering about that and Janus route, since in a twitter reply made over two years ago, you mentioned fleshing out their route, so I was wondering if I missed how to activate it? I'd love to play it especially if it's a poly route and I get be in a relationship with them.

(to clarify, I ended up getting a meta moment instead of a route when Alex came to the door. I also chose to have Janus give me a tour, if that has an impact)

Just happy I can help point them out and have them resolved in the future. ^^

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chapter 7 bug (Tora's cabinet): 

chapter 8 bug(second line):

dagio route bug(second line after "to be continued": 

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oh? the scroll wheel has that functionality? I had thought that I was only able to access the nine save screens (besides auto and quicksave), thank you for the answer!

Edit: just tried using the mouse scroll wheel on the menu, it doesn't work. Do I have to do it in a particular spot?

Edit: oh hey, apparently the area to click the arrows are still there, even if the arrows themselves aren't.

I love this VN, though I could use access to more save slots with how many choices there are.

I can't remember off the top of my head, but look out for Lars and afterwards choose to hide alone. there will be some choices you have to make but the point menu can help you better there than I can.

thank you!

How do I get all 10 points for Cade? I keep trying different combinations but can't seem to get it right.

have you managed to get past it yet? I am struggling with it myself

I would like to point out that in the latest build, Chester's yakuta in day 13 is now gone again

as well as if you nudge towards him, he can appear and be chosen by the bara godmother, who as we know is the route selection.

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just a little something I noticed, but it appears that bradley still picks up non-existent body parts to dispose of if the kill from the night before fails. (this is something I noticed on the first "kill")

The fact that I only noticed that something was wrong when it mentioned that the MC is no longer gay. good prank.

but then why did the last two public updates come out on the 5th?

they both look good but I think his old outfit is plenty for formal wear, so I'm leaning towards the polo.

what does it mean when you say that the order of route updates will be posted on the patreon and itch posts for 'this' build? does it mean there should be a list of the order on the current post or on the next post?

same though.

I just wanted to ask; is the more romantic route with the brother AND the father or just one or the other? Personally, I think it would be great if it were both.

ah, I see. So we won't be seeing a return for the expressions until the next main build?

If you may answer, why exactly don't Remington and Bryce have expressions anymore in the new build? Is there something I missed that explained why they might be absent?

I remember seeing somewhere that the only route that's going to be added other than the main 5 guys is Richard.

Looking forward to seeing this game develop, it's looking great so far!

I'm just wondering; am I the only one who has it where there are background images missing? I keep seeing a black screen with red text saying that the file for the image wasn't found. I'm on Spencer's route and as of day 9 there are already 5 different missing backgrounds.