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Ok I’m impressed and October is right around the corner.

I hope you’re okay fam! Amazing demo so far.

Followed. Hopefully I wont miss an update passed 1.3 <3

Hello. I play your game for my channel Orgaysis and one my viewers pointed out that Chester’s friends had names by now and not just “Patron1/2”. Is that a typo or are the slots open still?

Here’s the video for reference:

Is there a community discord for minotaur hotel?

As far as I’ve played it (I’m only playing sfw rn) nudity has been censored and I’m assuming sex scenes will be removed in one way or another.

No prob fam.

Added to one of my collections UwU

I know. It’s like a universal grammar issue that doesn’t makes sense me. Like if you say <18 then I get it cuz “Age < 18” is a no go. But “18-” says… 18 and under. Same with the 18 cross out sign. It’s confusing and needs to be updated but isn’t cuz the general consensus is 18+ meaning “18 and up”.

Ok so if I download on PC… how do I plug him into my computer? XD

“18-” or 17-?

Sewer passcode hints would’ve been better if we can check back with a certain rat’s store after getting hints so we wouldn’t have to roll back. OR ask someone in game for said information. Also consider the PM version of time as I would’ve assumed 4 is incorrect since PM for 4 is 16 when you can’t type AM or PM.

Don’t just leave it up to people having a save or google so we don’t feel stuck.

OH! AND the hints need to show up in my phone. I started screenshotting after my struggle with Mac’s code but I literally thought it was 6am and 6pm and that’s just woefully incorrect according to these comments. XD

Thank you for the quick reply and good to know.

Hi! I would love to do a playthrough of this game on my YT channel but I don’t know if this game is sfw or not. I have playlists dedicated to different content ratings and my “idk” section is already full for now. I would appreciate direct as to not confuse my viewers.

version 2.1.7’s folder has 2.0.2 on the game file name. Idk if it’s outdated or not.

I guess it’s because I don’t invest in these projects financially but I almost never ask when’s the next update for games on this site because likely the dev team is usually 1+ so I put them in the back of my mind and check in when done playing something else.

It’s a very cute game. However, there is not return menu or back button on the save screen. When I refreshed and tried to load the game I don’t know what the window said but it deleted my save and I still couldn’t exit and had to refresh and play the whole game over.

I’m guessing you allow free scrolling and skipping to help mitigate these issues as this is a short game but people like me save a lot so not being able or feeling trapped or punished for doing so makes me not want to try all the routes.