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Really like the style and the concept! I think it'd be helpful to have some sort of indicator/sound effect for when your control of a player is about to end

Thanks for playing, I definitely want to expand upon the idea/mechanics in the future!

Glad you liked it! Sorry about the crashing (you might be able to tell from other comments that this is not my most technically stable game)

Thanks for checking it out, unfortunately I've fixed the issue but can't patch it until after the jam!

Thanks for playing! I agree that the jumping is probably a little too infrequent for a main mechanic, I might try fleshing it out in a bigger game where you have more movement abilities but the train movement is harder to predict

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Found and fixed the issue, thank you for your help! can't really do anything about it until the jam is over but at least I can rest easy

Uh oh, wish I could upload a fix! For the future, does this happen right at the start of the game? Never had this issue come up in testing