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Thanks for playing, I’m glad you enjoy it. You can leave the feedback here or contact me on Twitter. The link is in my profile.

Thanks for playing the game, I will keep updating this game in the following weeks.

About the build phase, I don’t wanna break the pace of the wave with the ability to build when you pause the game. But I can definitely revisit that behavior in the future.

Really cool game, I enjoyed the experience. My feedback:

Kudos for:

  • Art & Music fit the theme of the game
  • HUD & UI help to understand the game without having a tutorial
  • Good selection of minions and items

Need improvement:

  • Synergies, I see a lot of things that get around cell 5 and make me play always: heretic + cell guardian + book
  • I never play prophet guardian, and also see a benefit when I catch one on the enemy side

Really nice little RTS, with gorgeous graphics, and well-made music.

Kudos for:

  • Great unit selection
  • Astonish graphics
  • Great music
  • Really fun map
  • Lobby settings and general UI

Parts that need improvement:

  • Optimization, play on the browser is hard
  • I would update the move action to the right click and the unselect units on the left click
  • Need a better understanding of what the resources are and how to get the most of them
  • Implement a better game over condition (My main base was destroyed but I can keep playing, without the possibility of constructing any more buildings)
  • What happens to the refinery if the worker gets destroyed?

Thanks for playing the game!

Thank you! Looking forward to keep pushing content into the game

Thanks for playing the game, you can check out the Roadmap to see what is coming next versions.

A bit rough, loose to much time on IAs turn. Probably be better if it was a vs game. Like the idea, probably missing some features like events or upgraded dice.

Nice graphics, it’s very hard to accomplish the objective based on strategy because of the high randomness of the placement. I place them randomly and fire at random as well. Love the idea of the puzzle.

Nice platformer, cute graphics, I didn’t know how the throw works with the dice, I just hold the button for a few seconds for max damage, no idea if the dice help. Good variability and the levels feel ok

Nice game, I found that is better to not eat the enemies because of the 50/50 chance, maybe a good idea will be to have a 70/30 chance of success. The mouse has no interaction with the character, maybe a good idea will be to attach the attack button to space or something on the keyboard as well. I enjoyed it, thanks, keep working!

Pretty good concept, I would recommend in future iterations to link movement with the aim, bc the game is very slow pace there is no need for controlling both with different keys. Perhaps you could try to add more blocks like explosive ones. Also, you could let the dice roll over 6 in any place that says that needs to be a real dice ;) I have fun playing it keep up the good work.