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I just use q before every round 

Amazing game, very hard

This game is super fun, wish there was a little more to it but I'm not complaining I love gardening games and actually started playing dark souls recently and its a perfect mix of the two

It's fun! Sometimes when I jump I stick to the wall which didn't help a lot but otherwise it was fun and the boss was super difficult so beating it was rewarding

Literally I have been stressed with homework and my mom yelling at me and I thought. "Hm I am going to just relax and play a game." and I came to this game

What an emotional roller coaster, the story was well written, the characters are so unique, and the graphic are better than red dead redemption 2, forza horizon 5, and others combined. The chips were delicious and im crying this game was so good, worth every minute. 

This is simple but pretty fun, it gets super difficult as well and you have to be clever sometimes which is cool.

It's super hard but fun

same I keep having to reload my page to fix it

I rarley like these games and I usually am very picky about what I read but this was amazing, I loved the music, and the story and writing style, and the choices felt very important, i had lots of reactions to it too and it was easy to image it in my head, so overall this was super good

Phew... this game was fun I FINALLY WON lol

I love the music in the beginning of this game