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Oh hey! Fancy seeing you here!! XD You trying out the game?

Had a super messy playthrough of this game but really enjoyed it all the same! :D

I really enjoyed this! :D

My take on the game!

My take on the game!

Really cool and spooky demo! xD

Really enjoyed this game! Super cool! :D

Fricking amazing game! I can't wait to play the full release! :D

Played this with my girlfriend. It was super fun and interesting! :D

One of the best indie horror games I've played so far! 😍
Be sure to share if you enjoy the video, thanks! 😄❤️

Loved the visual style and atmosphere! Definitely going to keep an eye out for the full release! Here's me playing through it! :D

Here's the final part! Awesome game, I really enjoyed it! :D

My second episode is out! Check it out if you have the time! :D <3