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This game broke in a short time my expectations of its development, ignoring the graphic quality that presents (9.2 / 10), has a fluid gameplay, which only I have seen in 3 games of the same style. It is quite flexible in its configuration of keyboard, mouse, controller or joystick, the voice acting is a (10/10) that currently only sees very little in this kind of games.

Speaking of the enemy AI (7.8) has a good reaction to the actions of the user, I consider that later an AI layers to execute slightly more complex maneuvers would be the critical point that would impel this project to an immersive game.

Error: When I connect a Joystick ¨Trust GXT 555¨ the game does not start, simply showing a window that says "Unreal Engine has stopped working". When I turn on the game and with the same one already in the menu, I connect the Joystick the game stops and shows the same message.

Summary: The game is performed above the first expectations that many of the users have had, I am sure that they are aware of our support in the project thanks to its "Immersive" characteristics that it offers, I am excited to see the future of this game. You can see his commitment in it.