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Really glad you've been enjoying the game so much, thank you!

There are a total of six keys in Final Passage and it sounds like you should have found them all. The one (L, U) was guarded by a mini-boss and the one (R, U) needed you to push the three blocks to make notes appear in the correct order - you can double check that one!

Before the v1.1 update that came out a couple of weeks ago there was unfortunately a bug where it was possible to lose two specific keys from your inventory if you died or restarted the game between picking them up and using them in the locks. Sorry if you have run into this! It's fixed now, but if that was the problem you'll need to fix it in the game's save data:

1) Connect your Playdate to a computer over USB and reboot to data disk (Settings > System > Reboot to Data Disk)

2) Open the Playdate disk in your PC file explorer and navigate to Data > pulp.orangethiefltd.resonanttale. There should be a file called store.json inside.

3) Open that file in a text editor like Notepad, find keys and add one to the total. Save that file, disconnect your Playdate, reload the game and you should be good!

Sorry it's a little fiddly! I was kicking myself when I found the bug, so apologies for it slipping through.

If you're not comfortable editing the store.json file, email me at hello at orangethief dot co dot uk and I can make the fix for you. Thanks for supporting the game!

Try walking over to the left of the cave and you might notice there's a little bit of a delay before they turn to face you...

Whatever you're thinking of doing while their back is turned, you'll have to be quick!

Did you notice the door at the back of the throne room, behind the Magistrate? According to the barkeep in the Juice Bar the hinges are rusted shut. Maybe there is some way of forcing it open!

Thank you! You're almost at the end!

I'm assuming the final key you need is the one in the entrance room. It's definitely the hardest!

Hint: There's a hidden path across the water that you'll need to make use of...

Another hint: There are three types of object you can destroy in the room. Could they relate to the clue you found on the signpost?

Bigger hint: You'll need to clear the room in a specific order!

Solution (ROT13): Svefg phg qbja nyy gur ohfurf gura obzo nyy gur ebpxf gura fubbg nyy gur pnpgv

(Just search ROT13 to decode the solution if needed!)

Yep, nicely solved! You're making good progress!

It's a tricky one! The "eyes" are the holes in the wall the arrows are fired from, so look for the room with three arrows to dodge and try some way of getting through the wall between the rightmost traps...

Thank you!

It'll be $5 plus tax, both here and on Catalog :)