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all of it

Absolutely loved it! Great work!

A really amazing game, was balanced nicely and I liked the light comedy added to the story. Definitely one of my favorite incremental games. Good work!

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this one is also kinda cool


A really great game, but maybe an automatic bug defense system would be nice? Also couldn't find an end goal to play to so I just stopped here. One problem I had is (I don't know if this is a bug or not but) sometimes the connections just couldn't be made. If I tried to connect system1 to system2 it didn't work, but if I tried system2 to system1 it did. Some connections outright just weren't able to be made either.

I already got that popup a while ago, I think got 3 popups total including the one that says I beat the game (iirc)

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If you click on get ink, you get ink. If you click on get pen material, you get pen material. If you click on craft pen, you craft a pen with the ink and pen material. If you click on sell pen, you sell the pen and get money. From there you can upgrade all the providers etc.

Unless you throw even more atoms, in which case the background will be almost purely white but the text will be readable again

Just a suggestion to other players:

Don't throw too many atoms, it makes the text unreadable lol

I'm not even gonna ask how

i am fullscreen but i swear to god that does not exist.

I accidentaly jumped onto the ceiling and vanished lol

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the quick instruction doesn't help, there is no + icon to click anywhere

I don't know if this counts as beating the game but...

...I know I can go farther but this is about as far as my patience is willing to take me right now. Might come back to this tho