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Hey, some great options here! I love character creators, haha :3

Just curious, are there plans to separate style and color for things like hair, skin, areolas, pubic hair, accessories, etc? Perhaps less-than-symmetrical breasts, piercings, more peen options with foreskin, or the option to add multiple accessories? ^w^

In any case, thank you for sharing, and may good vibes find ya!!

Good golly, this reminds me so heavily of Puppet Combo! Insane quality, man!! I'd kill to see a good slasher horror collaboration spring up between you two! ;D

Ah, alright :o Do you know how much later the email should come from the point of purchase?

Yo! Just wondering--are Steam keys being sent to all buyers before the game launches on Steam? Or has that ship already sailed? :3

What a strangely awesome lil game ;3 Any chance I could bother you for controller support or an Android version? :3

It's an application for Windows

To confirm, though, there isn't anything implemented (so far) besides just talking to the mechanic, examining the surroundings of the two scenes, fixing the car, and leaving?