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Well done everybody for getting through the jam and submitting all of your amazing games! 

I tried to play it on mac, and a quarter of the game(top left) was displayed in the middle of the screen, there was not fullscreen option and when I resized it to fit with my screen, but I still couldn't see all of what was supposed to be seen. shame really as it seems like a cool game

this game looks great from the art and screenshots, but unfortunately, doesn't appear to work on mac...


great game! love the cute little character!

love the art! I found the stash of candy canes behind the snowman. At the moment when I touched one present it brought up the end screen. Great controls, feel well polished.

this game is so creepy and well polished! It has been a long time since I've played a text adventure...

great game!

This game is amazing, I love the poem at the start, and all of the funny art, I especially liked the starving reindeer (is that weird?) Great game, 5/5

great game, I love the graphics, though there is a rather major logical error in that when playing the game, if you are on low health, you can just drag your health bar back up again. otherwise really fun though

Great game, there are some noticable gaps at the chunk borders but im sure you no that. Is it procedural? if so, even more impresive

love the art and the concept, though it is very hard. Overall very cool!

very cool! try speeding up the animation when running, also, when done, how do you re-enter the sleigh? 

Nice work! I agree with some others who said that the tutorial was too hard, though I would like to add, that as someone who is partially sighted, the text for the tutorial was hard to read due to its low contrast with the background, though I understand that accessibility is not a priority during game jams. I love the music, it really fits the feel of the game. The art is also great. Amazing job overall! 15/16!