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thanks for letting me know! 

there will be both top and bottom options, but that'll be way in the future. we're still getting to know the characters!


thank u! 😁🧡🧡

thank u! glad u enjoyed oihs 🧡 and i'm happy u caught onto what i was trying to do w skills and morality 😁


now that was very enjoyable to read 😁 

to be continued!

i'm not sure yet, but most likely it'll be a separate game

if I recall correctly, after the quest, you can bump into him by working at the brothel :-)

the mc is from earth

as explained above in the page's description, OIHS and FBMA are (and are meant to be) very different visual novels. FBMA may take place in the same world as OIHS, but FBMA is not a direct sequel. it's a standalone VN separate from OIHS, meant to be enjoyed on its own. FBMA is not OIHS 2.0

sucked in a good way, i hope!

thank u!! yes, fbma should appeal to a much wider audience :-)

thank u so much!! <3 stay tuned~

the smut was but the lure for my trap! >:3


unfortunately not! just a passing character :3


... eventually! zad's route will be considerably different because of all the oihs baggage, so i'm leaving him for much later :P

probably not, i fear... rocan and the thief may both be wolfkin, but they are very different characters, so it'd be weird if they have the same sprite. rocan will have a different look, depending on how guran chooses to design him! :)


perhaps the relationship between phil and zad could have been nurtured into something more if they had more time together... but we'll never know now

two very different protagonists receiving very different things from the system :3

no, sorry! the protagonist is a man

yes, guran's work will eventually replace the current sprites 👍

this happens after the events of OIHS, but it is not a direct sequel per se. u can treat them as separate visual novels occurring in the same world

i'm not quite sure if i will or can, but i do want to

no comment 😁

thanks for ur support! 🙏 which parts' pacing feel off to you? i might edit those scenes 

the sprites don't have feet 😋 in my mind, they wear boots with humanoid-ish feet, same as their hands/paws

thank you! 🧡

(1 edit)

tsp and oihs are very different visual novels

edit: for further clarification, tsp is a romance vn. sex is not a central theme to the story

yep, i can finally focus on writing! 🥳

yes, there are plans for nsfw content


thank u!

yes, i've finally settled into a style, so those discrepancies won't appear for future instalments 👍 thanks for tolerating them!

not in volume 1 😁

thanks a ton!! this helps

thank you for ur enduring support! ^^