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glad you're enjoying urself! 🧡 thank u for ur support :3

wonderful work, sleth and blain! this is a promising VN that i think many will be keeping an eye out on ;-) keep it up!

does the error prevent u from playing the game? or does it only appear if u are checking the skills screen?

hmm thats strange! i dont recall this happening... but if so then it's most likely a bug in this older build (which would have been patched in the more recent builds) 🤔

you'll need [seduce: redirection], which u can get from having fun with the toberran merchant and his guards (it's one of the options, but i cant recall which)

it is a consideration, but i doubt so - at least until oihs reaches a level of polish that im comfortable with! thanks for asking :>

the royal courts are a wip 👍

dont worry about it! that plotline isnt written yet so everyone will get that result

hold your horses now, boy! good things come with time

oops! totally forgot to stop the music 🤡🤡 thanks for informing me!

0.18 is not out yet! $5 version usually comes out later than the other builds, around the 30th or 31st 


ah, thats what u meant! 0.18 is not yet; the $5 patreon version usually comes out on 30th or 31st so i have more time to squeeze content in

there are instructions on patreon and on the main page of those builds! :-)

there are instructions on the main page! :-)

will increase it!

there's only 1 ending for the swamp quest

thank u!! that's really nice to hear 🥰

that's me trying to be cute :p they shall be removed when i rework those parts 😌

i'm considering for one or two, but not all; there's too many and the sprites take a lot of time to draw

sorry, can't help you there with android problems 🙏 it's an issue on your end unfortunately

the builds available on patreon are early access versions of what's eventually going to come to (public) 👍

thank u! <3

it's not

what do u mean? it's already available

pyrrhus bad end spin-off villain duo edition ✨

yep. the quest was originally planned to be a more standard 'skill check for success' type, but i opted for it to be more linear in the end to tell a story 

i have it kept somewhere in case i ever find that they can be reinserted elsewhere! :-)

thank u! this comment made me very happy ^w^

they should be available on my patreon 👍 do let me know if they're not

no lore explanation, only that i'm growing as a gamedev and the little changes reflect that :P my time is consumed by completing certain milestones for rajt right now, but i do plan on eventually taking some time to edit and revise everything + add music and stuff

yes it's not done yet


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turning in the thief is the opposite of helping him lmao he'd be in jail and unable to introduce you to minervus

the skill checks for hoffman's trial are: (1) alluring figure, (2) stimulating touch, (3) enticing visage: lower body, (4) aura: shared stimulation, (5) addictive body, and (6) aura: amplified orgasm

the skill checks don't make a difference, btw. it only changes the flavour text at the very end for how hoffman evaluates you. all of them result in the player passing

the cat girl poisoning skill check is lesser olfactory sense, which you get from the ratkin in the dungeon

yes, it was meant to be whispered but not entirely unreadable. the error was a tiny mistake i made in the code (i used {size=5} instead of my usual {size=-5}). if i'm not wrong, most players actually won't see this difference (including me, which is why this escaped my attention)

glad you enjoyed it! i really liked how the bad end turned out as well. the original plan for pyrrhus was actually much longer and i had to cut out most of the bad end story details in the interest of time 

anyway, as you might expect, making it another alternate route would be too much of a drastic branch split — much like many other alternative options the mc could have taken (e.g. not following the barist family at all). but this is what writers usually leave for fanfic authors :P

i left mc's cognizance vague on purpose since oihs isn't meant to be a timeloop story. the bad ends are just meant to be fun little inconsequential content, so i probably won't pull on this thread since it can get very complicated. your theory is definitely feasible though, so feel free to entertain your own imagination lmao

minervus can only be found if you helped the thief in the marketplace 👍 no idea about the skill checks; there are so many lol you're going to have to specify 😅

you won't be able to pass every check. for e.g. you can only pass the scenario requirement in the prison if you turn the wolf in during the marketplace event; but that means you'll fail the scenario requirement for something else that requires you to help him during the same marketplace event

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u just have to have fun with him in the coliseum locker room