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No problem, and yes the falling blocks I think were good, I also think it goes well with the game title, it's like even the level is SNAFU with it falling apart.

My feedback based on a few minutes of playing:

  1. Blocks falling: Yes, I think you should lean into this, especially if the player can cause them to fall on enemies.
  2. Weapons felt a little weak: this game feels like it should play like a fast paced shooter/platformer, but I feel like enemies just won't die fast enough for that. Also if a player can get up into the face of a machine gunner without dying I think they should be rewarded by being able to quickly destroy the gunner.
  3. I'm still not entirely sure where the machine gun pickup is, I assume it's with the machine gunner behind the sandbags. Maybe make pickups more noticeable against other objects? I had no idea I picked one up (maybe needs an audio cue?).
  4. After reaching the end of the level behind the sand bag guy there's a wall, it didn't do anything so I assumed that was the end of the game.
  5. Is the character always supposed to be pointing the gun down when not actively aiming? I feel like this shouldn't be the case.
  6.  User editable key bindings will be a big deal, I guessed at the controls since the ones listed don't match with my controller (Button 1, 3, R2? I'm using a 360 controller, ended up mapping to Y and A).

Let me know if you need any clarification on my above points. This kind of game isn't the kind I usually seek out to play but I've played similar. Good luck!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm currently debating if I should add more to this game or save it for the next version of the game, so we'll see what happens.

Yes I added that since red and green are common problems for color blindness, but I wasn't sure if I could pick a good default scheme for everyone so I gave the option to the player.

I like the aesthetic, nice job.

The map and travel system is clever, nice work.

Managed to make it to 1.4 million first try, I feel like there may be a strategy to win beyond luck but would require more play throughs to find out.

A fun little game, I appreciate the concept. I also like how your cargo is your ammo and how the distance is how many seconds you must survive in the asteroid/pirate part. I wouldn't mind seeing this idea expanded on, perhaps with different planets to visit with different prices, distances, and dangers on the trip.

This is interesting, it has a neat aesthetic and shows the basics of a trade sim. In my first play through it wasn't too difficult, and after a few minutes I was able to purchase all the upgrades and have several thousand in Chronocoins left over. Second time I tried being more aggressive in getting the best prices but ended up with no money or cargo. The key seems to be focusing at first on fuel management and deals available on closer planets. After getting some upgrades it's easier to travel where ever the best deals are, which for me ended up being the outer planets trading chemicals and ore. Fuel was really cheap out there too.

A bug I noticed was that sometimes when using the arrows to page through planets it would stop on PLANET and wouldn't go anywhere else until I clicked a planet directly.

How are prices determined? Is it random or do some planets trend towards certain prices? I'm curious as to how other trade sim games handle prices and want to gain some perspective since I'm currently working on my own game.

Looks good, almost beat my high score, and I like how the music slows down when using the slow power up.

Interesting but made me dizzy.

Had fun playing this, I like the high rate of fire and being able to create a shield of bullets. Was also cool that the bullets float back down and remain effective.

Starting up it wasn't obvious to me that the title had to be clicked to start the game since it changes when the mouse hovers over, at first I wasn't sure if the game was loading or not. Other than that it's a fun little game.

I can't get the archive to open after downloading it, says it can't open the file as an archive. I'm guessing the file is corrupted?

Played it and had fun with a high score of 12554 after a few minutes of play.

A few ideas I think would help make the game feel more finished: some kind of "woosh" sound effect as you pass obstacles, ability to exit the game without having to alt+tab out, and music and other sound effects. Other than that this game gives the feeling of moving fast in a fun way.