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L+ratio+cope,seethe,mald+cry about it

I really like the idea but there are very few games here. I've played about ten times and I've never seen the puzzle or racing genre and many of the combinations have never happened. Fun game just needs more work.

Hoping this doesn't get burried under the stans but when i try to download the game no build appear. I have to leave the Install box empty which gives me and error saying just that. Anyone else having this issue?

Oh hey, I used to play this on CoolMathGames. This is my favourite dungeon crawler, great game

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Pretty funny and enjoyable game. Really reminds me of Madoka Magica. I made a letsplay. This game is fustrating in a good way! Although it did take me 30 minutes...

I feel like I've seen this on a DanTDM video along time ago...