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very nice and well-written story with great level design too. also liked the spicy end stuff. congrats!

cool graphix, promising story

thanks for the play. the UI is really not very good, I may improve it on a next version and add some more features like guarding.

Hey Evren. Yes, it's a bug related to when the deck ends. Its fixed in the new release (just updated it) along with some UI improvements.

Feature-wise I plan to add some more mechanics (like blocking attacks, movement and an opponent AI) in a few days.

cute graphics. I found the gameplay to be kinda simple and by first playing without sound couldnt understand really well. interesting

Nice little game!

I liked how the protagonists clothes vanished with damage.  Liked the end and CG too. do you intend to polish the sketches for the CGs?

thanks. I played your game too, will post some feedbacks there shortly

Thank for the comment. I''ll probably expand it, will release some new versions as new features are finished. I'm not looking for new collaboration partners for this game, but maybe we can on a future one. thanks for playing it and following its development!

working on new version with better balancing. you’ll get to draw 2 cards every turn start