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VEKTOR 2089 community · Created a new topic kind request

I understand it's a game still in development but if I was the author I would NEVER change the controls! please don't.

it drives a treat, to me the controls are flawless. I like the cornering capability using brakes in narrow curves. collisions are well tuned too, wall bumping and out-of-track behaviour is fair, ia works great (sometimes other ships seem to push the player off track).

indeed, a few things I would add are:

possibility to add polys in ship editor (I wanna draw a car!!)

hmmm... nothing else, I was thinking about an option to shrink pixel size, a car mod, a figure 8 track, a freeroam arena(!)

also, these kind of games featured jumps or gaps (back in the days) but I don't think I'll miss any of these features.

grats to Impbox,

cats rule ok