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It actually doesn't seem to be related to the custom commands at all. It still happens if I replace the entire body of my RunCommand function with 'return false;'.
I've also tried a version of the asset that has all the references to custom commands removed (removed them in my text editor), but the issue persists!

Yeah, I'll shoot you an email! I also had two other smaller issues with the software. Would you prefer I make a separate thread or talk about them here?

Thanks for your help!

Got quite an annoying little bug here! Something about the story seems to prevent the Fleece Editor from opening and it freezes Unity while doing so. After this there is no recourse but to force close Unity and delete the entire story in the file editor.

Do you have any idea what causes this? Here's a link to the offending Sample.asset file:

Here's some background info: I was working on custom commands and testing them out in the 'DialogueManager Test' passages. Closed the Editor and then opened it a couple minutes later when this bug popped up. All the edits to the story were done exclusively through the Fleece Editor. All Fleece Settings are set to default.

I've tried to find the cause of the problem, but I'm at a point now where I have sunk way too much time in debugging it. 

Thanks for your help!