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Gonna have to second the controls issue. Arrow keys are hard to use since the up and down keys are inconveniently placed, and because hardware limits on many keyboards will ignore inputs on those keys if two are pressed at once, meaning you will regularly get dropped inputs using them on fast songs. I felt like the game was dropping my inputs even when only hitting two keys though, so something's up with that too.
I think adding in more ergonomic methods, like dfjk, would be great, or just allowing for key remapping. Key remapping would also make the game more accessible.

Fun game! Definitely has that Davoo vibe. I'm curious about some code-looking numbers found in a couple places in the game, but don't immediately see how to go about decoding them.

There were a few points where I noticed something off, but I wasn't really in the mode of searching for secrets when I saw them, so I didn't take much note of them. Thus, I hint moused the last ~10 atominos, and met most of them with "ooooh, I should have figured that out," which is a lot better than "how was I supposed to figure that out?!" I think the biggest point of criticism I have is fidgety pixel-perfect hitboxes for examining things, especially because examining any of the walls puts you into a text log, and some of the more densely packed examinables have a lot of text to boot.