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Oh heck yeah lets go!! Sorry about the burn out and the holiday season being nuts for you. Definitely take it easy! Stay Rad yourself RadLord!


not weird at all! trans fem/trans femme is a gender neutral term that refers to someone who is trans but feminine presenting, generally a term that includes nonbinary people who like feminine clothing but aren't trans women (like myself). trans women/girls are typically mtf but some people (like myself) will use trans woman or trans girl to simplify, because the honest answer is sometimes more complex. So I call myself a trans girl because I like the word girl applied to me bc I'm feminine, but I don't use woman or trans woman to describe myself because that feels too off base.

of course, I can't speak for everyone, that's just how I use those terms. 

Thank you pingopongo!! i really appreciate it! I do like wearing feminine clothing in public and generally do. I've got a big gothic kilt with pockets and it's my absolute favourite. hope you're having a wonderful day!

Overall I'd say this game is really good! The artwork is nice and the background music is nice too.

I'm a transfemme so parts of this game were a little off-putting like seeing "trap" and "chaser" only being applied to effeminate men, but based off of your "future tags" section I can assume that you're at least aware of their other connotations within the trans-community. 

The player character, who by default is Isaac, is a character I struggled to like at first. He and I are very different, politically and socially. He's outdated like the game points this out repeatedly. I appreciate you taking time to educate him and any potentially readers who might not be as educated on gender nonconformity and the like. I fucking love that he's probably pan though. I too love people, nothing else to it. 

I very much so connect with Hazel as a character. He's a lot like me (except I'm not a dude who dresses feminine, I'm a trans girl who dresses feminine occasionally). He's kind and full of grace to give unto others.

And that's my personal investment in your game, RadLord. I wanted to treat it fairly and respect the time and effort you've put into it. Good work. Wish I could be a t-girl but I want that in every game I play. Don't stress yourself out by adding more work than you have to.

also god, men are so pretty...

i absolutely adore this game!! i love the work so far and i cannot wait to see more!

spoiler warning i guess??

yeah i just wanted to say that i wasn't sure what to expect but this game is adorable and i love it. thank you for not adding bad endings. my favourite moment is when fufu boops circe's nose and tells her that she's already a girl. it meant a lot to me. i can't wait to see more!

to yoplatz, the person who made this game. thank you! it's a very cute game with great characters. trans girls and lesbians are always a joy to see in games of all sorts.

so from my understanding that door on the left side can't be opened by you, but a monster tries to get out, and you use the button to close the door.

i found this by accident and was a little sad because i love all the challenges in the game and wanted to do them all legit. i'm not really complaining, great work!

probably not what you've intended the game for but a hell of a lot of my queer friends love this game and while they have no complaints, my lesbian friends have talked about wanting v on v stuff (since girl does not equal pussy haver and vice versa), though they've said the girldick isn't a problem.