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thank you so much usaa !!!! HDFGSHF

this game is meant to have multiple playthroughs! i myself have about 82 daughters and i still haven't 100%ed the game lol


10/10 salmon is my wife and blobfish is my best friend

this was so good and funny !! i loved it so much !! the art and the voice acting and doesn't feel like i'm just reading a vn, but it's like i'm watching a show ! tabitha is such a huge brat but i kinda love her lol and all the characters are likable and fun !! my personal fav rn is eden huhu -- brilliant game!

my heart kinda skipped a beat when i saw mr. teacher turn into a monster i mean COUGH OCUGHCOUGCIGUOUGCOUGH

great game! ultimate collab of the century........
could only get redhead's ending and the death though ;; i couldnt get with the rat girl TOT

shes just a little guy <3

Sorry about that! We were on a time crunch during the development (game jam) so we didn't have time to beta test that much >< Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! Really appreciated :DD

earlier reply said error143, i also recommend infinite blue (which has a lot of the bloomic team vas as well!)

No problem! I hope you enjoy the game ^^

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You have to open the unzip the zip file, go into the folder if you're on a Windows, and click "Cinder.exe" ^^

the app isn't launching at all huhu - it shows "The application TheGreatestEscapeBuildMac" can't be opened."

The mac build isn't working ^^;;

we ar e so normal about her

Thanks for playing!!

Actually it wasn't intentional but it's nice to think about it if it actually was on purpose LOL

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

It's been updated now! Thanks for letting us know, and sincerely sorry

All roles filled!

Hey there! Currently, we aren't looking for sound designers, but thank you for your interest!

Not anymore ^^

ur so cool andi and congrats on releasing SWEET BLEND AND THE 200 DLS :DDD

Hello! I'm not looking for a VA for those lines at the moment, but I'll probably post on DevTalk or here when I do! Thank you for your interest regardless.

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LOGLINE: You, the player, are cordially invited by LemonSun Inc. to test out a beta version of the new update for the current most realistic AI chatbot in the market, CINDER, but things get strange when the line between "human" and "bot" starts to blur.

Hello! We are the cinderAI team, and we're currently looking for an editor, producer and programmer to join us in developing a psychological/existential horror sci-fi visual novel for this Spooktober~ It features cute aesthetics, coping with the fact that someone may have complete control over your entire existence, and how humanity is leading to its own man-made demise.

We currently have two writers (Kat B. Fine and Jacqueline Lee), two editors (Jay Evans and sonic-nancy-fan), a sprite artist (Tora), a CG artist (DesLune), a background artist (strawberr_i), a UI artist (sfilmak), three promotional artists (NacchiYan, liopsai, retsuchu), and a composer (Rice).

We plan on including a few lines of voice acting for 1 ending (around 3 lines only).

For programming, you must be able to program more complex gameplay aspects including:

    Text commands ingame (being able to control CINDER by typing commands into a textbox e.g /delete roomBG, which “”deletes”” her room background ingame and replaces it with a black void, /talk food which starts a conversation about the topic "food" with her)

    Interactive mechanics (being able to double-click CINDER’s cheek to kiss her, being able to drag her sprite to the edge of the screen by long press and dragging it there)

I've worked on a game jam before (Blood of the Covenant, O2A2). Currently, we've finished character concept art, rough background concepts, picked out a font and color scheme for UI, and are currently working on a story outline!

If you're interested, please DM me on either Discord (opheliaveu#3845) or Twitter (@opheliaveu). I look forward to working with you ^^

Thank you for playing!

thanks so much for playing!!!

woaaa a long comment!! i'm glad you enjoyed the game!! i'm not sure if i'll end up expanding on asher and co anytime soon, though ;;

to answer some of your questions (these are mostly my personal interpretation - i'm not the writer LOL) asher is a mean, mean person and probably a big bully but idk if they would just let someone die in their face XD

as for wanting to see MC behind bars for sick pleasure, well i'll leave that up for interpretation LUL. worth remembering that mc was stalking them and you know. sending threatening letters to asher's boyfriend (e.g get your dirty hands off asher or i'll cut them off myself, etc etc something along those lines) thouuuuu

 fun fact there was actually a planned option to either try to kill urself or asher, but it got cut off because of word count hahahj

again i'm super glad you liked the game! thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and made a video!

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!

Glad you liked it! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for playing!


Short and sweet! Very comfy vibes. Loved it!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!


Thanks so much, Allie!!!

thanks so much for playing! :D