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oh dear! thank you so much! this really means the world to me. i hope the full version lives up to your expectations!!

hi! what browser and device are you on?

i keep thinking about this!!! such a cute game aah :-) the art is super cute and i love the cutscenes.. let's go lesbians

this was an enjoyable read!! i love the art and some events surprised me !!!!

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Hi Kyou! Thank you for leaving such an indepth comment on my visual novel. I am honored :-) I'm happy you think the two make a cute couple- they are very fun to write! You noticing my world building also means a lot to me. I hope to explore it further in my work!

The textbox issue... Yes! During the vncup, I had intended to create a CG Gallery to remedy this, but ran out of time. This reminded me to implement that. I will get started on that the second I have free time again (so hopefully this weekend). It really really means a lot that you liked my art. 

It also truly means the world to me that you look forward to future things I create c: I realize I've said variants of this statement multiple times, but honestly, this comment truly made my day! I did not expect it. I hope my future works do not disappoint!

EDIT: I've made a discovery that you can press h to hide the textbox!

this was an amazing read! i finished up today and it was truly worth every penny. the art is gorgeous and the storytelling is some of the most unique i've seen. i hope it's experienced by many people!

thank you so much for playing! and yes, the combat is intended to be very light and was a bit experimental for me. i'd like to make it a bit more refined in the full game. the store items i'd also like to add more purpose to in the final ver of the game as well! this gives me much to think about. thank you so much again!

i played this game several months ago and i still think about it on a regular basis. it surpassed my expectations and i still speak highly of it to others. truly fantastic work

thank you so much :D !! and yes i was hoping the CG gallery would help players keep track !! i am happy it is effective!

thank you!!!! 10/10 kidneys.. the highest compliment :D !!! 

thank you :D

ithink abt 811 everyday of my life

Just finished!!! Absolutely adored it- probably one of my fav rpg maker games now!!! Thank you so much for making it :-) 

hi, i really like this game. i played it a while ago, and i still think about it on a regular basis. i just wanted to say thank you for making it :-)  i definitely understand what some of the other reviews are saying, but i really did enjoy getting all of the endings even if the game hurt my feelings a bit by the end :-) 

very good!! i really liked it. ty for sharing