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thank you so much!

GAME OF THE YEAR 2023!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it so much.. thank you so much for making it!!!

so much fun!! recommend for angels everywhere ^w^

this is so soo cute i had so much fun!!

this made my chest hurt, and i sat in the student center of my college thinking about where life could've gone if things had just been slightly worse. amazing work. the different endings are great

yes. i wish i was free

Really enjoyed it ^w^ My favorite was city! Thank you so much for releasing!

thera 1.2! what a nice halloween treat. your writing is fantastic as ever. the characterization was really good, and i'm so excited for the next installment.. i want to know everything O_O

Sooo cute. Love the bonus art so much. Thank you for sharing!!

thank you so much!i'm happy you were able to relate to the characters and you are welcome!

this version of thera is even more interesting than the last. i'm excited to see where the story goes in future installments.

i’m happy you thought it was sweet and that you connected to it T_T hope is always important to have

very cute :-) the dialogue was fun and the found family dynamic was cute. the art was really lovely too

thank you so much for reading. i’m really happy it moved you.

the prose is really unique and impressive. artwork is beautiful. i enjoyed reading.

that makes me so happy. thank you for reading

KILL GOD GET FUCKED im in love with machine forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

i'm really happy you could relate to it and that it made you smile. that's really what i wanted!

This meant a lot to me as someone who has experiences taking care of someone disabled! It's.. really sweet. I've never seen that experience depicted in fiction. The art along with the storyline is charming. It gave me the feeling of playing a cooking game on my DS.

I enjoyed all the characters which really surprised me. I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but they all had unique personalities and designs that made each of them memorable. #TulleForever #FabricForever

I also really enjoyed a visual novel being about a skill a loved one taught them. It's something I think about frequently, passing on the things we do to our loved ones. I felt so much sweetness in this vn. It also made me so hungry.

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oh i really enjoyed this! it was very charming and the progression was really entertaining!!!

edit: coming back to say i REALLY like this.i really enjoyed it haha

Every update makes the game better and better!! Absolutely adore it x) Accardi fan 4ever...,

so cute! your art is very lovely. it really reminded me of watching fun cartoons on a crt in the 2000s but it's in visual novel form and it's better because it's yuri. just. a very cute work

omg i'm so happy you think she's cute! i'm sorry for such a late response! this really made me happy but it just slipped my mind to leave a comment >w<

i really enjoyed this game. it's exploration of trauma is brilliant and moved me to tears. i felt a strong connection to all the characters. the premise of the story made me feel some strange nostalgia up until the reveal (which is neat considering the kim herself)! happy i played!!! rook forever

thank you maury

Excited to read!  I've been looking forward to this for a while! Thank you for the linux build. Going to start reading on my steam deck ^w^

I really like the vibes.. It was so peaceful. I love both of the characters so much

i would literally do anything for alma and mimsy

oh dear! thank you so much! this really means the world to me. i hope the full version lives up to your expectations!!

hi! what browser and device are you on?

i keep thinking about this!!! such a cute game aah :-) the art is super cute and i love the cutscenes.. let's go lesbians

this was an enjoyable read!! i love the art and some events surprised me !!!!

this was an amazing read! i finished up today and it was truly worth every penny. the art is gorgeous and the storytelling is some of the most unique i've seen. i hope it's experienced by many people!

thank you so much for playing! and yes, the combat is intended to be very light and was a bit experimental for me. i'd like to make it a bit more refined in the full game. the store items i'd also like to add more purpose to in the final ver of the game as well! this gives me much to think about. thank you so much again!

i played this game several months ago and i still think about it on a regular basis. it surpassed my expectations and i still speak highly of it to others. truly fantastic work

thank you so much :D !! and yes i was hoping the CG gallery would help players keep track !! i am happy it is effective!

thank you!!!! 10/10 kidneys.. the highest compliment :D !!! 

thank you :D