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"If you are using Yanfly's Battle Engine core, you must use a pre-existing template (eg. Sideview Template) SceneBattle.yml. Otherwise, it will throw an offset error. We apologize for the inconvenience". This is stated in the official Installation instructions yet I cannot find a working SceneBattle.yml file anywhere.

Please can I have some help? I just need to get the Luna Engine in a working state so that I may build from that. Right now I don't know enough to figure out how to fix these bug.

If I use the base SceneBattle.yml I get the following error; "cannot read property 'offset' of undefined" when I enter battle.

I'm using frontview for battles, I've tried using the sideview template included with the Luna Engine but I get the "cannot read property 'call' of undefined" error when I enter a battle. Does anyone have a working frontview template I can use to get started, or can someone help me work around the error?