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wow this is amazing, I rly enjoyed it!

how did you make it? I also want to make a pre-rendered third person game

no worries man take your time! you already have a trilogy of classics lol

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I beg you please make PS4 hagrid. ive played all of them and this franchise keeps me alive. maybe you play as hagrid this time after seeing him kill dumbledore. "The Last of Hagrid Part II"

This was truly a work of art. 

Firstly, it was so immersive - everything was modeled beautifully. The gallery text itself makes very poignant points not only about exclusionary design but also the role of the gallery and institutions in providing spaces of contemplation as well as the politics of art such as minimalism being a marker of class and wealth. In its extremely realistic rendition of a "white cube" space, this work makes you think about the grandeur and authoritative voice as well as the contradictions and ironies of such minimal, white and clean spaces. 

Finally, I did not realise until the end the aspect ratio was meant to mimic a bench! In fact I think it makes a very poignant irony that mirrors the discussion on exclusionary design: that the claustrophic aspect ratio which hinders on accessibility and visibility was chosen for "art" and sculptural reasons; it is an example of form over function itself.

A very sincere game, I really enjoyed it.

Did it also happen on a restart?

Thank you for playing! The game seems to run way too fast for some reason, I'm wondering if you could tell me what your graphics card is and the refresh rate of your monitor? 

This is really amazing! I have one problem, for some screen size ratios, like a wacky widescreen one, the dialog box is at a weird position and the title doesn't even show at all. Is there a way in the settings I can move this?