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Thank you, this one worked. It was a great game, but I didn’t manage to wrap my head around level 8 :D A bit confusing when the recording starts, and the timing is hard because it plays back faster than it records – but overall a very nice mechanic and quite challenging. Nice polish, too! (Sadly I can’t rate it because I did not participate in the jam). Thanks for providing a Linux build :)

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This was very enjoyable. Played it all through. Don’t apologize, it’s a great game for a jam. I love the creative use of the theme, turning the player into the environment. Very nicely polished, too! Good job :)

You’ve tagged your download as linux compatible, but there is only a .exe in your archive. It does run on wine, but does not react to user input, so it is unplayable. Please provide a linux build or remove the linux tag from your download.

You’ve tagged your download as Linux compatible, but there is only a .exe file in the zip, and it doesn’t even run with wine :( Please build for linux or remove the linux flag from the download.

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All around a very good game. Saw your making of on youtube and headed over here to play. Even though I knew what was coming, it still blew my mind. Feels really good, difficulty progression is spot on. I’d love to see more levels, and maybe 1-2 more mechanics. And of course a rewrite of the movement logic without physics and without the delays ;)

The way I see it this is a “turn based” puzzle game, the falling box mechanic could just be an animation, e.g. with tweens.

Also, very catchy soundtrack and sound design that sets the mood perfectly.

I admit, the learning curve could be flatter. First a single button, then a single button where you have to go fast. Maybe a timing indicator next to the button. Then have the current level 1 as the first “figure out how to solve it” level. But, you know… game jam :D

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It’s a puzzle game ;)

SPOILER ALERT ...Try driving to the buttons in opposite order. One turns off faster than the other, and both need to be on for the door to be open. You need to drive straight from the left button through the door.

Thank you for the feedback.

Can you point to which levels you find too hard in regards to timing? We’d love to balance it some more after the rating and maybe add a few in-between levels to smoothen out the difficulty curve.

Missing the corridors over and over was indeed something that annoyed us as well but we could hardly widen them with the tileset at hand. We’ll take the time and replace that at some point.

First game jam ever? Even more impressive. Very good game.

This feels sooooooooooo good. Love what you made from the theme, and the game just ... ticks all boxes I guess. 5 stars!

There is no Linux build, and the .exe does not work for me in Wine (I don't get any user input, nothing happens when I click or press keys) :( Please tag the downloadable file as Windows only.

Pretty good game. Very nice controls, I agree with @mnemonicuz that it makes it feel more strategic. Love that.

Could use some more feeling of progression instead of just time alive. Maybe I did not get far enough. There could be levels getting progressively harder, with things breaking more in the later levels, or some levels that are faster paced. Not in a jam of course, but if you want to take this further...

Had fun playing :)

Wait, the theme was "shoot to move", right? :D

Fun "story" and voice lines. Could use some polishing. Started to lag *hard* towards the end, probably some objects not being cleaned up? I had a very hard time finding the chopper, maybe add a "GPS" arrow for that?

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This was fun! I love the difficulty progression and that last level was really nice difficulty. Sweet sounds and graphics. Overall very good jam game. Music was super chill too, and it fits very nicely.

The only assets we did not create ourselves were the background music, the tileset and the font. You find links to those in the README file (inside the zip archive). All other content was created during the jam :) But better safe than sorry, we clicked "No" above...