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its an eminem song ist it?

setting on the main menu before you load a save

theres 3 endings af far as i know they are all for tavi route... wich is the only routefor now

backstreets back

should be able to scrap drills and robots. moving the drill and orbs is weird and the robots can make it anoying. the robots ai rarely actually targets the scrap unles its 1 tile away. apart from that 4/5 fun and relaxing music

thats a lot of options and stuff im so very lost

needs more cat

oh cinematic attack animations me likey

new clothes yes

how do i get the brownie extra scene?

sequel? what about

the enemies shooting arc need improvement

the shot gun projectiles can jsut slide so i create a fire shockwave shooting down

the doors are... loud  but this is a good start just fix the problem where you can get the same upgrade on the four doors and the treshold is you game crashing from projectiles

can you make the self fuck option to available after you decide to keep the portal panties and not just in the one scene during the quest? or add other ways to self fuck?

its better to wait and give complete product than rushing to update fast cyberpunk 2077 failed in both aspects remenber that

i know.     i dont like getting the number wrong and having to do a big turn around so i go one tile at a time to not overshoot it

ok beat the game my solutions are half inteligent half move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) move(1) 

brain not work :(

a cliff hanger for the ending how original did you ran out of ideas or something?

keep going were i already was turned off the lights to remenber where i was still got lost but now it was dark :D

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they droped 5 hearts at the beginig an then jut stoped droping hearts       :)

am i supose to die 27 times on the first box blockage?


is it possible to wait for the printer to finish?

yup its legs arent moving anymore

i think its in pain

there could be a way too see how much water is in  each part of the body

you can eat butter tho so why not ketchup?

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some glitches tat i found                                                items bought sometimes duplicate but not droped items                    sometimes after aswering the door you cant move until you interact with it again                                                                 finishing the game with the laptop open makes it impossible to click the cutscene                                                               when the stock market line is at thge middle a think its the middle its the charts gets dart and you can only see a red line                     some options on the first encounter get the text stuck                    the items on the shop salmon and orange juice are written as salmon2 and orange juice2                                                              the carpet appears over the items making it imposible to see the items on the carpet                                                            spme bought items spawn inside the table                                   thats it for glitches i think the game is very good and fun tough        you shold make a little warning for the packages the energy cutting makes a doorbell sound so its confusing                                                                                                           oh yeah and why cant i eat the ketchup?

the delivery package text got stuck cant close it