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othman saadeh

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I'm the one who coded the color path painter so that actually made my day😃❤️( although we used to call it the "on/off puzzle") but that's just as cool

And no we just couldn't complete the game in time sadly😏

dude the ending blew my mind

it's amazing

goodjob bro

the game is awsome i wish it was longer

i've just finished it but damn the code is hard to figure it on your own

the game is freaking awsome!!!

it would be better with multiple endings tho


اللعبة ممكن تكون خرافية لكن مش حاسسها مناسبة للثيم و المرحلة 2 صعبة ياخي

The game is pretty sweet

too bad i couldn't hear the music my laptop decided to just turn off the speakers

good game bro

اللعبة فكرتها اكثر من رائعة بس مشكلتها الجرافيكس و فش صوت غير هيك اللعبة خرافية و ممكن اذا سويت لعبة كاملة عنها تكون لعبة افضل كمان

the game is fun it's not bad just the thing is it has many glitches like blue elephant spawning behind a barrel just to tease you or the camera enters somethings that made me unable to see where am i going


The game is so much fun, however it sometimes could be challenging and fun

and sometimes too easy to figure it out

the puzzles are fun and creative


The game isn't bad but i didn't understand anything at the start you should put some instructions or anything to tell what should you do

the idea is pretty neat but the game is sooo easy

i've beaten it in less than 2 mins

you should make it harder

the idea is very nice it fits the theme well i guess and the game is pretty challenging it's very cool and descent game to say for the least

dude this game is so much fun,addicting and could become viral if it got popular the idea is pretty neat and greatly executed although i urge you to do different gamemodes and difficulties and/or like make the game gets harder over time

Keep up the good work ❤

اللعبة طكع

me, elayyan and shoraih first game btw

It looks dope and i hope it do good