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could you add a restart feature lol its a really cool game.
i would pay for this if it was fully fledged out 

yeah so true the 5fps is worth seeing coolness XD
i thin unreal has there own ray tracing is there much diffrence between unreals version and nvidas 

anything amazing XD it was all so cool to walk around and look at. maybe vr support that would be cool with FSR 2.0 or 1

theres a door thing i want in its were all sqwear infinty mirror

love it so cool 
good fun to walk around with cool reflections
any chance of adding vr to this XD

i turned it to 32 reflextions the cool box did not like my pc XD prob like 5fps still cool to see though 

the feeling of the car was great. so fast and powerful.

the drifting is so good. The control you have over the car is amazing.

keep up the amazing work

i can't seem to play on samsung odyssey plus.
iv tryed moving but i cant see any way to

i can't download it.
there nothing to download thats what itch thinks 

wait why just for android :-:

cool game :D 

umm i have a 1050ti and the game maxed my gpu to the limit giving me only 20fps. and yet there did not seem to be a lot going on. it may need some optimiziation. cool looking game though

cool game it would be really nice to have controller support becase going 0-100 turning is hard to get use to but nice game

cool game but not reall  good controlls.

it would be so much better if the camra follows the car.

dame man cool game but why did you make the sounds with your mouth it's so unsettling.

i have no idea what to do.

please make it a lot easyer to under stand what to do in the game :D

what i can see this is a CFS sim XD

love the game hope it becomes a cool full game :D

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it would be so cool if there was a first person view and maybe add a render distens :D

it would be cool to have in game settings

maybe a way to give people jobs on the board and know what jobs people are doing.

wow this game is so fun i love it.

i like how theres no fighting it a nice and calm game

what will this game become 

is this game still being worked on ?