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i came here for sarcasm and waifus but nowhere does it mention that this game also includes an existential crisis.

the best waifu is obviously the baldy bastard. he is so beautiful, so perfect in every way. he deserves all the love in the universe. he beats all the other waifus in everything. baldy bastard will always hold a special place in my heart.

i only have waltz's route left to play (and all the bad endings), wooooah this game is amazing. wasn't expecting this much detail from just a visual novel. it made me cry more than once (especially fritz's route *sob*). i was a bit skeptical at first because i'm not really a fan of anything that involves kingdoms or other medieval-esque stuff, but this is so good. the storyline for all routes is great and you fall in love with every single character. also it's really pretty, the art is great and so is the music. a lot of effort was put into this. i'm gonna be really sad when i've done all the routes and gotten all the endings. if you haven't played this yet, DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

its baseball and its gay... what more could u want