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I loved this so much! An amazing idea and wonderful execution! Sadly I am unable to donate, but I wanted to show you how much I adored this experience all the same; so please, accept this poem I wrote for you!

A Witch's Word/Invisible Ink:
The written word
Chipped into stone
Bound between beginnings
And ends
A draft done over and over again
Never amounting to a book
Worth keeping close.
Few know
That the cure to such ails
Is to take that stone
And stop writing on it
Instead dig deeper
And find the gold within.

I loved this game so much! I'm crying (good tears), it was beautiful! While I may not be able to give you any money for it, I thought I'd write you a little poem to show my appreciation! (I'm sorry if I got Yokey's name or Leslie's drink wrong. :S)

Yokey :
lovely little guardian
You left your friends alone
They know it wasn't your intention
Yet they still wish you'd come on home
In spirit they'll toast
Red bean coffee and apple cider
Three cup full
One empty
For a journey fulfilled
In front of shrine unsealed.