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OOOOH Man Games

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Really nice graphics. Only issue for me was that I often can not distinguish obstacle from background.

I've managed to reach 50 point. I have no idea how good it is  :D

I love the visuals. In this game jam there are few games that involves shape fitting but I find this one the best! Cool minimalistic design and nice colors! I hope to learn designing such lovely looking and crispy UI in the future ;)

My highscore for now is 160 :D

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I have messed up with the difficulty :D Adding health after level is a cool idea I wish I had come with it during the game jam :D

Nice game, I found it pretty difficult. My sugesstion would be add some difficulty levels that change time you have to change posture, now it was going to fast for me.

Nevertheless cool game :)

Physics can be fun :DDD

I really enjoyed fooling around with your blue friend. Cool game!

I really like simple graphics and the level of the difficulty.

Tricki but not frustrating :D

Fun game, more difficult than it look at the first glance.

Nice combos between different creatures. :)

I love the graphics and the cool character ideas!

Fun to play ;)

I love the graphics. Really cool screen :D

I found it really difficult and I don't know if I do something wrongly but sometimes I do not see any chance to dodge the borders.

Cool game! I really like the graphics. 

I find the game quite difficult but I managed to pass few levels :D

I was thinking about some feedback and additional UI regarding the weapon and weapon switching but you know it was game jam. Never enough time :D

Thanks for playing and feedback ;)

Yeah I think I have made it little too difficult :D

Thanks for playing and feedback. I am thinking of do some further development especially today I have finally tried unity 2d shader graphs!

Actually enemies' health bar was a planned feature but time constraints did not allow me to do it ;)

Really fun game. I like the graphics, simple but made by you and gives nice slimmy feeling. 

I think that the flat jump is overpowered :D

Super cool game! 

Cute graphics and really nice puzzles.

Cool idea but game harder than it looks :D

The best game I played so far in this weekly jam. Nice minimalistic graphic and cool simple gameplay.

I loved it! :D

I really like the idea. Simple and right to point of the theme :D