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HAL / 9000

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Thank you very, very much even for merely attempting to code this game. Learning needs to be fun to reach the Mommy's-Old-Cellphone-Generation, and this just might help. I'll get around to  installing it at our youth center and see if anyone tinkers with it.

The story meant more to me than I might express.  Yet, to try:

Superficially, it's the introvert genius girlfriend who shares Tones On Tail on headphones with you at 3am under a blacklight and winds her legs in yours to redefine the word 'yearning'... versus the bubbly, sprightly dingbat who, when she's demure for a moment in a surprise thunderstorm, captivates and makes you feel like the center of the universe. 

Deeper, celestial meaning is pretty much indescribable.

Please get this on Steam. It's unique enough to really attract some attention and pocket change.  I'd like that for you. Healing hundreds of souls for a weekend night for thousands, 'at $2.99 and 90% off coupon drops', yeah, that's worth your trouble.

Kind love, OOO67VH (hal over9000)

Wonderful .

red bar pops up on Itch, specifying Mondrian OST is 3.99 (regardless of advertised discount). This happens when pressing "Paypal" button. F Y I gl gg there is a small grey bar in between the Google crappy ads to allow d/l screenshot