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My card was empty so after I refill it. Took some time to get that done and I actually forgot about the emulator, but when I finally remembered, you raised the price to $15 and now I no longer feel like buying it anymore because of missing out on the $5 price.

Ah well :(

Really wanted the proper virtual boy experience.

All I have is Dolphin VR now :(

Bet you don't do sales either or limited freebie periods.

Although having a freebie period would help promote the game through word of the mouth and websites may mention it making news of it spread further like wildfire.

The fact that I missed out on the $5 price is the main reason I don't feel like paying $15. I could have saved money. I take advantage of sales and only buy games on sale usallly at 75% off or higher. $5 seems to be close to 75% off of $15. So $5 is temping for this.

Now others can say they paid $5 and I would jus feel ashamed for mising out due to having an empty card.

Really like VR too. Can't believe I forgot about this fine piece of software. Been too distracted. No where did it say price was subject to change or I never saw it. New to Itch, anyway.

Bet the final prce shall end up at $40 :(