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i realized that because i have a 1680x1050 screen, the bars were off the edge, and nothing's wrong with it. (wow i feel dumb lol)

In the instructions it says there are bars on the left and right to add inputs and outputs but they don't show for me :/ 

(i'm on mac and i downloaded it using the desktop app)


When I tried to open it it said the file was damaged :/

You kinda have to barely tap e otherwise you slow yourself down too much

ye I played the web version

Hm. Ive had problems with this before. 

1. are you on Mac?

2. did you put the app in the 'applications folder?'

idk other than that

I love this game! The concept is so interesting and the level design is great. :D


maybe cuz the jam's over?

Yahoo! I really like the idea. Also ono you know what model my 'puter is. *gAsp*

I really like it :)

wish I could use the nes

I got 73

yoy I beat the game


I was playing in the browser on mac

I'm getting this error:

abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

Thank you so much this saves me a lot of time as I suck at making even the simplest looped tracks :D :D :D

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yay go noob squad

Yay I'm goin to join

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Am I allowed to submit apple only games? I'm relatively new to programming and use Gamemaker Studio 2. Ive only paid for building applications for Mac, so I'm wondering if I can submit games for Mac only.