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Thank you so much for trying out our game and for the feedback!

The intent was for the characters to announce their entrance, but in practice it gets too chaotic at the higher scores, so we will be looking into some alternatives. We are also trying to work on our game balancing (that would most likely be one of our biggest challenges with this game). And I agree about the animations, and we are still working on them, we simply couldn't justify focusing on the animations when the game was in the broken state that it was in.

We will keep on working on our game after the jam ends and hope to eventually release it on mobile!

After learning how to play the game I enjoyed the mirror idea. I would suggest putting a tutorial in the game for first-time user (the first time I played I went right into a block) and to not have the same block spawn twice in a row. A few times per game I can sit back as blocks pass by on the other side of the screen. Also I had a problem in 2 of my times playing that made it impossible to progress (screenshot posted below)

Overall, I had a fun and relaxing time playing this game. Once that gamebreaking problem is solved I could see this being a popular game in the google play store.

Good job!

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to add animations, but we had a blast making this game!

I saw in the rules that we are allowed to make adjustments to our games after the submission period has ended. Can these adjustments be full updates with added features or are we only allowed to squash bugs? Thanks in advance!