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Absolutely love this game. I was one of the first to play it, and quite enjoyed it.

I did a let's Play on your game. Not bad for a first game, I hope you make more! 

The game is cute and adorable. Very easy to play. Perfect for a lazy day.

In my honest opinion more people should play My Little Cat Girl. I just had to do a video to show people they should play it. I can't wait to see what you create next!

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Firstly: I have to congratulate you on making a very beautiful game, with a beautiful story. I hope you make more VNs, and I subscribed to your page because I cannot wait to see what you do next. (I also gave you a 5 star rating, you deserve it.)

Secondly: I hope you do not mind... I did a playthrough video of the game and put it on YouTube... nothing fancy, I do silent videos of games so there is no voice acting... but here is my link. I hope many others will play this game and enjoy it as much as I did.

I played this a while back and I am looking forward to the upgrade to the game you are making. This is one of the best damn RPG Maker games out there. I gave it a five star rating on because it rules.

My let's play of episode two in your awesome series. Thank you for creating such a profoundly cute game. I hope there will be a million episodes in the series.

My pleasure. I look forward to your next projects and I am going to try out your other titles too. You guys impressed me with Georgia, so, I am itching to play the others too.

I saw someone play this and fell in love. It is brilliant. I am doing a play through of the whole series!!!! 

Thank you so much for creating this game. It's putting me in such a great mood after being stuck in bed with the flu.

A well-made 3D visual novel-type game that paints a bleak dystopic future that may be an eerie prophecy of tomorrow. Just the way I like it. I did a four-part silent play-through of this masterpiece. Here is Part 1, the rest can be found on my channel in the Indie Games Playlist. To not spoil the game I only play one possible ending. Thanks for one of the best games I have played this year. I gave it a great rating on

A beautiful narrative journey of self-healing and self-discovery, done with a soothing voice that feels alive. Graphically an astounding piece of art as well. Only fools would miss out on this. It is profound.

That is my review and I gave you five starts. Anything less would be criminal.


Where is the download link?

This is no game! It is a piece of art. Here is my very bad play through of your magnificent art piece!

Thanks for trying anyway. Sadly I don't have access to another PC. 

Hey There. I am completely and utterly in love with your game and decided to do a Let's Play of it on YouTube to make more people in love with it. It is a 'no commentary' play-through. Here is my first episode! 

I tried to download it a few times but it gave me a network error notification and stopped downloading. I downloaded your other game just fine. 

It is my privilege. It is such a beautiful game. 

I think there is something wrong with the Windows downloads link :(

This game is dark... and it gets darker fast... Perfect. I loved it.

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So I just finished your game, but must still  put up some of the episodes. I must really compliment you in recreating one of the best visual novels I have ever played. I got the perfect ending, which was very sweet and romantic. Thank you for creating such a beautiful game. I sincerely hope to see more of your work in the future.

I absolutely adore your game. I hope you don't mind, I am doing a let's play of your game on YouTube. Here is episode 1!

Here is my humble play of your fantastic art piece. Thank you for sharing this 'game' with the world! (Game is a small world for a beautiful experience like this).

I really love your game and I also did a little 'Let's Play' video of it on my channel with a link to this game. Well done in crafting a beautiful game.

I enjoyed petshoppe immensely. More people should play this!

Thank YOU! I am going to showcase this wonderful experience during the week and will give you a link to the video as well. The world must see this! It is more than just art, it is an experience. I can't stop ranting about this!

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This is beautiful. I love the narration part of it. Excellent background. I wish you would do more myths like this. I love the Medusa/Atlantis angle. (I am a Mythology-junky) May I shoecase this on my Youtube Channel?

I played it a little. Nice relaxing little game. I did a little Let's Play of it on my channel.

Down voting this video because rushing through a game like this is idiotic. Remind me never to subscribe to this person

I just know it will!

One of the best horror games I ever played. Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is your first game, your next is also going to blow our minds.


Great storytelling, atmospheric art and great sound!!!! This is a MUST play!!!!

I am absolutely in love with this simulation. It is definitely a spiritual experience and the most beautiful homage to the Avatar movie I have ever seen!  I ated it 5 stars, because there are not 6....or 10 or 1000.... I deserve all the stars...

This game was brilliant. I loved the battle system, you made it like a ninja, the story plot is well written and beside a little issue I have with their house (You can't expore the kitchen fully and when you go up the stairs it leads to no-where interesting) depite that little irritation I can only award your game a 9 out of 10.... I had so much fun I am going to replay this definitely, Please make more RPG Maker games, you have the talent. I am adding this to my collection.