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One of the best horror games I ever played. Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is your first game, your next is also going to blow our minds.


Great storytelling, atmospheric art and great sound!!!! This is a MUST play!!!!

I am absolutely in love with this simulation. It is definitely a spiritual experience and the most beautiful homage to the Avatar movie I have ever seen!  I ated it 5 stars, because there are not 6....or 10 or 1000.... I deserve all the stars...

This game was brilliant. I loved the battle system, you made it like a ninja, the story plot is well written and beside a little issue I have with their house (You can't expore the kitchen fully and when you go up the stairs it leads to no-where interesting) depite that little irritation I can only award your game a 9 out of 10.... I had so much fun I am going to replay this definitely, Please make more RPG Maker games, you have the talent. I am adding this to my collection.

You created a masterpiece. Best visual novel I have played in years. youget a standing ovation from me. Magnificent!

This game is brilliant. It is one of the best simulation games I have played in years. I look forward to any expansions you may make to it in future and I hope to see more games by you. 10/10 from me!