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Ah, I managed to miss that somehow and that indeed looks like something that could cause motion sickness fo sure and it aint fun :'D
Thanks for yeeting the link here.
Seems quite interesting but I was wondering if viewing the space you're editing as "something in front of you", like a 3d object, "cube" or "plate" of sorts, such that you could zoom closer or further away, to make it seem like its the world moving, not you.
Basing moving around (either the creators viewpoint or the visual workspace for example) to moving hands around in VR, for example, by holding a button/trigger could also help with motion sickness a bit. As long as movement and zooming in & out is smooth enough and not too fast, yet not painfully slow either of course.
Could have either hardset lock or slider in options for speed of rotation/movement or both, mayhaps even "if movement too great, does not count and nothing happens" kind of a "safety lock".  If it tickles yer fancy as an idea then thats neat.
Not sure how awfully hard it'd be to implement but I thought I'd share few thoughts regarding it.
But the VR prototype you already have around is quite fancy too. I like the basic looks of it, could have lotsa potential.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic FlowScape to VR?

I was wondering if this is a thought that has crossed your mind. I'd absolutely love to be able to do all of the creation work in virtual reality, observe as it all happens and fine-tune even smaller details "by hand". Could possibly work magnificently well if the controls of VR-gear would be integrated/switchable (to keyboard & mouse) as it'd be like an open canvas that you can paint on, to make your creation that much more alive.
That would be a great source of inspiration!