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Ok so I downloaded this for shits and giggles, knowing almost nothing about Lupin, and lemmie tell you this is some good fucking shit. The visuals are great and charming, the writing is witty and cute, and the game itself has every quality of life feature ever to exist and its fucking great. Now I'm in the situation where I'm gonna actually watch Lupin the III without knowing what their voices remotely sound like and having an extremely skewed version of the plot, its gonna be great. Thanks for making this and obviously putting so much time and effort into it, you may have just indoctrinated me into a new fandom

It was surprising seeing how fast I became attached to these characters from just a few tweets, and how invested I was especially in Balto's ending. I played it twice and did the opposite answers to see what would change and it was cool to see!

Yes!! i got all 3 endings! cool game

10/10 will consume the flesh again

the FUCK i dont have any broccoli caught me off guard and made me slighly happier than i was before. as a broccoli connesour i give this game a 10/10