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Nice Work!!

Hi, I used Pygame and Numpy.

What engine are you using?

Amazing artwork, did you do it by yourself?


Hi!! I took this UI sprite set and make a resizable version of it:

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Nice tribute! I'm looking for developers to make colabs, write back if you were interested! (Btw, followed and added to collection!)

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Thank you!, glad you liked it!

Really great game! You inspired me to create my very first game, and to choose PyGame for it. Also I've recently published my game here on Itch. Thank you!

Hi korben, hope you're doing great!
As the "" file points out, you need to install

* Python3.9 (

* The game itself, for details refer to the readme file.


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Hey, this is awesome! Would you mind reviewing the composition I made for my game? What do you thing about mixing sprites sets?

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I took your idea and implement it in a quite different way, hope you like the result!

Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. I was thinking about adding different potions too

It creates a great ambiance!

Really impressive work!

Hey, I downloaded it using macOS but not seeing any way to run the game.

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Hope you like it. :) Any feedback is welcome!

Hello! sooner than later!

Gorgeous artwork!!

Hi!, I used this set of sprites on my project! Take a look here:

Really good stuff!

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Really cool!, just a NIT detail, if you fall from the platform the player get stuck on a non-visible platform, down the screen