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don't know if it's possible, but maybe the mouse could stay inbounds

super nice game!!! the window is a little bit small! I paused the game like 100 times during playing!

i like the idea! 

a double jump would be nice for the high platforms!

I think a camera, that will not center the hero would fit (so you have to move a little bit into the direction before the camera is following)

I'm really sorry for Merock that his shield is so boring :P

First I was like: What should I do here? I guess collection coins. YEAH! You collected all coins! Nice music! nice animations of merock, just missing the die animation. He "walks" a little bit slow in my opinion. Also that game was "lagging" don't know why. 

the horse animation! That was smooth! Could be a little bit faster, but I liked it! Sometimes I had the feeling that the collider didn't fit in the second game.

First I was like: why do I get no points? The colors are matching... after that I recognized the different shapes... :D It is a fun and challenging game! Fits perfect for the theme

Had a bit of a Problem because I am using a 16:10 monitor, I couln't see everything of the UI :/. The game itself was a success. With some enemies it was difficult to find out if it was normal damage or more critical. I like the music of the game. There's something calming about it.

Your game was a challenge in the beginning. After  understooding the game mechanics it went right off! But I still had problems to recognize the colors, even though I have no color weakness. 


Just wow! Awesome game! I really enjoyed playing it!

had a lot of fun playing it

I really like this game! Keep on developing ;)

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Thank you so much much for playing! I will fix the mouse sensitivity this week end and maybe I will add more interactivities and an other ending ;)

Thank you very much for you comment!

I appreciate your idea! Maybe I will work more with this project.

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It was not that difficult because it was more trial end error instead of knowing what I was doing. 

It would get harder if you had more interactives with no impact on the puzzle, like more doors you could open or more furniture  you could inspect. 

EDIT: Yeah I finished the game

I really enjoyed playing this game. I dont know why, but I always was afraid of getting scared by something :D

I didn't liked the movement, it was to jumpy

I really enjoyed playing your game. I really liked the look and the movement was nice. The music could be a little bit more variable

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Thank you for your positive feedback :) 

I like it! It remind me of gameboy motocross

Thank you for the info! Now it's playable!