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thank you very much!

this was really, really, really good, and i'm super excited for when you release the rest!!

i really like the journal function that logs your choices! it's a nice touch. the presentation of the returned knock was REALLY GOOD! i wasn't expecting it, i loved it

i love seeing Holmes express concern for Ryuunosuke wah... and the acknowledgement of Ryuunosuke and Susato sharing the same grief and trying not to let the other hear them crying made me feel soooo :'( . the line "his death exists as a place and not a time. You can find it, a constant fixed point. You can never remember how far away you’ve gotten from it." at the start is also soooo good...

some typos/etc i noticed: 

  • on the screen where you choose what color fabric Iris should use, the final bit of dialogue shows Susato's name and icon instead of Iris'
  • on the screen with Ryuunosuke's dream, his dialogue "No! That’s not what I meant—<</" shows those arrows & slash
  • on the same screen "I believe in you, Naruhodou Ryunosuke.", Ryuu is missing his second U 

this was suuuuch a good experience... i really love stories exploring memories and trauma in ways that allow people, especially those with personal stakes in those memories, to interact with them

(spoilers below!!)

i really loved how creative you got with the gameplay elements - simple but effective! i had to make sure i was truly paying attention to order the memories correctly. they were written vaguely enough that it caused a challenge but not so vague that it was hard!

the final memory left me running around in circles unsure what to do (a result of me not catching that i'd permanently triggered everyone noticing the mirror's reflection and kept trying to recreate the conditions - oops!), and i really felt for Tsubame every time i realized i'd failed and stumbled into yet another Celeste death. it almost made me feel sick, but not in a bad or upsetting way at all, rather in a way that made me feel truly invested in helping Celeste heal. i felt genuine relief when i realized i was on the right track to helping Celeste get Tsubame back

i don't feel i'm very good with my words, but this was a story that made me want to draw! i could really picture the scenes in my head. i felt like i was looking at it through glass with frosted edges, if that makes any sense..? it had a really nice atmosphere to it throughout. the scene where Tsuki and Hichii first appeared felt suuuper cinematic to me, i was composing the shots in my head as i read. i loved it! 

i actually played this the day after playing REVIVE, i couldn't get Ghost and Celeste out of my head! they're such interesting characters even between these two different version

i hope you continue to make stories exploring themes like these! you write wonderfully and i'm interested to see how you utilize Twine next ^^

thank you for playing!!

thank you! :]

there's 3 rooms total! so if you entered 3 rooms you saw them all ^^