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it's a bit different, but perhaps try Ghost Trick! it's on mobile, Steam and DS. c:



oh my gosh, I am so regretting not sticking it out those last few stegos. so precious! that whale! <3 that apato-brachio-longnecko-saur! <3

...but this is, of course, why I kept the game around. time for round two! 

oh gosh, it's really hard to choose I'll cheat and give you a few, hehe. I love Rex, with the goofy little walk, and Luna! big squish! (I imagine she makes whale sounds)

also Juice, who I got shortly after Luna and just... you know. <3

I also adore Fungoomi and Sol, and, and..... ok, I'll stop. :p

here is a screenshot I took of my allstar trio - thank you again, such a lovely little game! 

I used to love the Big Al game, when I was a kid, and immediately thought of it when I saw this - thrilled to see it actually was an inspiration, and so psyched to play! :D

I come back to this game at least once a year when I'm having a rough time, and it is always so relaxing and cute. Thank you for making it. <3

this is everything I've ever wanted in a game, thank you