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2o3 score w/ 18 drunk colas

oh no

why is the gunplay actually good

is it not on the web?



I really liked the stealth aspect of finding a spot where bullets can't hit you and taking everything out one by one,

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What a masterpiece!

I get jitters whenever I'm near a clock now

the real challenge is to get it under a minute

aww man

the cards were my favorite character

best written characters in any game possibly ever

What a great game. It just feels cool. Other turn-based games are less fast paced, but I feel like a ninja playing this.

It took me 10 attempts to get the true ending. Time well spent

I got 58 very fun game

best horror game ever made

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i was pretty sure berserk only upped speed however

Finally beat it
The boss died instantly when I threw my sword at him so thats a bummer

Great concept, would be perfect w/ more content

masterpiece on all levels 10/10

that sounds really cool!


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hey, this looks cool and i want to try it out. i cant seem to play any of the games, however

edit: wait this isnt done sorry

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my spot has been taken
revenge needed

edit: got a 7000 score and could not enter name

Also, does the boss have a mirror of your deck or is the cards it plays random?

Really fun game. The only real downside is that the cards sometimes have spelling mistakes. Otherwise basically perfect.

top of the leaderboard
Only one other person is on there but still an accomplishment

Really fun boss rush. The only downside is that the special is not really that good in boss fights. Otherwise great game.

I finally beat it1 good game


sorry for not seeing this sooner.

This is great!

Great game! I only managed to get a 22.

The game looks cool and I want to know

I got a grape plant pet. He still likes me despite him having no friends, being bored with me, and starving. At least he was very clean and got a good nights sleep.

I really like the game! I think I found a glitch though. After a normal round, my splash meter stopped refilling and the lab suit guys died when they got near me.

Thanks for playing!

Very good to use! I would like it if the sprites got behaviors attached to them instead of them filling out limited slots. That way you only see the sprites you use in the game, and you can have multiple sets of tiles and different looking spikes. Adding rotation on spikes would be nice too.