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amai mahou shoujo 3 is #1 on my most anticipated games list

masterpiece of literature. i 100%ed the game

too many upgrades

even better than the cheese one

10/10 would kick ass again

Great art and a nice twist

managed 5715

add more story please! it's the best part

managed to reach 82 cats

the twist ending caught me off guard

beat the game!

Short but sweet. I would like to see more of the merchant


You can control your character's schedule

can't wait to beat up starving animals with my laser panties

I got a score of 50!

The one game where defending is the best move

I though the bugs were real for a second

did he really think he could get his girlfriend back by insulting her husband?


I got to 194

The army must be horrible at their job if the disabled person is the one evacuating people

There's corruption in walls of the map

I managed to make it to level 10 on my best run doing middle path with a defense build. I'll try for a better floor sometime later

Just beat the red goblin's path. I'll do the other ones later. Can Magellan live or is it a scripted death?

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make more levels please

my best is still 38 seconds

there's a sensitivity bar in the pause menu

Can't believe Mirall took out an multidimensional assassin with a taser and was holding a gun on their person throughout the first conversation in Goodbye Time Traveler.

"Please understand it was just how the story was meant to be"?

Seems a little out of character

cc is gaslighting me

just 43 now

43.21. getting closer to sub 40

got sub 50. not much looking at the other runs but it's a start

I thought farewell my happiness was the finale. Either way this game rocks. One of my favorites, resonated with me a lot.

i just didn't want their misery to go to waste

fouzi was the real villain all along

mc is wondering why this person they never met named nessrine is sending them letters