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glad to know man

ty and youre welcome!! i love the posey picks games, youre doing great with this series for sure!!<3

Wont really load and just gets stuck on a black screen

you guys will create an infinite chain of dordle inside trordle inside brordle inside quordle inside jeordle

dont worry i think i got it

thank you and also how do you get the formed stool ending

Doesnt work and only shows a black screen with the words Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getParameter')

r  you still waiting?

Oh, thank youu


Yeah but what I meant was that this is my 2nd time playing and idk how i managed to get the trash can last time

the sad truth

Can i get help? When I 1st played it I clicked on the trash can to get the number but now when I click it it does nothing

how do you get the dr chung ending

i got it dw

wow im lonely

really really late but how do you add a collection  to your profile anyways

wait you were supposed to play this with another player

if you ever give up on this project i will sue you

lots of love. me

If youre ever willing to create a prequel, a party maker game would be so cute! It could include stuff about Googoo so you can decorate it 💕

I loved it, I really liked it so now I came here to play it once again

you good now bro?

Thank you!

can anybody help? ive grabbed the key in the cafeteria yet it doesnt let me open the drawer

How do you create particles for the achievements? Ive got some but I cant create a working fire particle or a virus either. A tutorial for these would be nice, or maybe a hint too!

dw i got it also shes so cuteee aa



this game is super cute and even if its very simple it deserves more recognition!!


I think a fullscreen option could be nice, but overall i love all your platformers

either the game is difficult or im stupid.... its probably the 2nd option


Love the game- yet im stuck on level 9 - can anybody help?