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hi.. very good launcher ..  is there a way to add wads from links ? like vortex can do, i will love to add like chex quest 

do you have plans to  add donations ? . it was a good game and i like to have in library

now .. i can do it again ... thanks

yes.. its a shame .. time ago i can install on a notebook by itch app ... later when i  got my pc .. not ..the error on the app shows

Hi.. i tried to submit in the other page .. i have problems to download the game phobolis .. thanks

f i lost the discount .. maybe next time :(



i cant download show me this  error ... and theinstall n options dont show 

.. ill definitely buy it

in the  itch app thee game dont load 

same problem .. and nothing 

i tried to donate with paypal .. but not work

i want to donate using paypal .. but not work

You will never finish the game lol

jsjsj not that im spected but its ok i guess  ; )

do you wanna upradge with the selever week ?

i play all version .. but i have a thought .. why is no exist a mac version ? .. thanks

i just die in the end i guess

js this is a speedrun request no ?

its an option on itch .. wich if you donate .buy ,etc  a game is added to ur library... like steam,etc

please considare make donations ... i will love spare some rubees something and. add this game to library ;)

goood finaly ... only left two finals now ; )

Roseblight community · Created a new topic just it ;)

just it   ;) 


yes .. and type rupy /rupies and nothing .. like my keys dont work

i cant get the ending morrolled! .... i press the button and nothing

the files at the time to install dont work.. dont show

please make open donation .. i like this game so much ...

ready .. just usa the web browser .. in the app donations dont work

{"errors":["price must be provided"]}
Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic donate

i wanna donate .. and add to library bot say the error .. price must be provided ...

hi .. sorry for the question .. there is a way i can donate ? .. i really love this game and want to add to mi library .. 

i have problem when trying to use ... show me mucho error like this

i want to donate .. and buy it to add to my library collection .. there was any option ?

i cant download the game .. i add to mi library and nothing

Survius community · Created a new topic recomendation

may in the nexts updates show a waypont whit our location in map