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Windows version has Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes.16070401.9500.9770.

You can see the virus total link here:

Thank you for your amazing  comment.

Thanks for playing my game. I actually forgot to put a credits option in the main menu that's why I  didn't put the sound and music credits in game. I hope I do better for the next one.

Thanks for tour comment. The game is repetitive because in all the gamejam help type of videos they said that most games don't even get played for more than a minute so I focused on the first minute.

thank you for your amazing comment

I really like the art style and I wish you could have finished the game but in general it's a nice game

Thanks for the great feedback. I actually wanted to change it but I forgot:D

This game is just so great. The graphics, sound  and music suits the game so well. I felt like I could play it for a long amount of time. You did a really good job with this game.

This game is actually really fun.  I love the controls and the general mechanic of your game

The visuals are really great. I love the idea and the execution of it.

The games visuals are realy great but i cant seem to press any buttons.

I love your game, the graphics are pretty great and the long jumping mechanic is a nice touch.

Thanks for the comment. I actually tried to add randomness but it didn't go as planned. I hope I can do better next time.

Thanks so much for your awsome comment it motivates me to do even better next time

I love your game it's so polished

It was pretty great and having a webgl version helped alot when it came to convenience