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click the download button at the top, you'll see a payment option, there is a "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" option, click it then there will be file(s) presented to you, windows mac whatever you are using...

click on the one that is compatible with your device

A pretty nice RPG you have made. I applaud. If I were to complain, it would be some maps are a little "empty". But the game, I'd say is 9/10.

there is a little bit of latency, but the game is an 8.5/10 imo

Super fun game to play. The complaint I have is that some dialogues are repeated and/or said by the wrong person, even during cutscenes.

Good job on this game, and I hope to see more updates such as minigames/scenes/npcs etc...

cool, I wish you the best!

aquire 150 sxp and buy the carrying option from the 24 market, then carry the girl there and do whatever you want... there really is just one thing to do there

de rien

9 Vodka

9 Whiskey

9 Rum

and some other colored liquor...

"You made a horrible mistake."

The girl: That hits the spot!

Task failed successfully.

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I like the game, but I just wanted to report that when die or cheat my way out of "the Hornets" level, it's just stuck at loading screen.

This is for the public version of Windows (64bit) fyi.

Thanks in advance.

dude i heard that apple paid an attorney to mention this game to a judge, good job

looks cool, reminds me of hollow knight

the code is 82816313 by the way ( code for the case in hokages office)

ok thanks, good luck with ur work

how do u acces gallery?