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I uploaded a version that needs no dependencies, but it's a little larger so yeah.

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I'll release a new version with everything self-contained to see if it works better

Edit: Well I can't, you need .NET 5.0 runtime to run the game, quite unfortunate

Oh maybe you're missing .NET stuff?

Pretty fun but it's a like I'm back in 2012 playing those classic you vs bot strategy games

For one week, the visual style and the sound are really well perfected. I like the ramping difficulty of managing your restaurant

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Basically Death Stranding but you are a pig and make food in your belly. And that's what makes it fun hehe xd

You said it difficult to find an Unique idea but it's really fun and simple! I didn't need the tutorial on the rules since it's so intuitive. Pretty fun time passer.

You know actually fun game with interesting mechanics. Even tho it's just a platform the crafting and enemies really makes it more like a puzzle game

You know it was pretty fun, until goat... unless???

It's so goooooooood, the new levels and the improved UI update make it so fricking good. Hope the android build comes out too.

No tutorial but you can get the hang of it in a second