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Yes please! thank you!

AHH I can't play because I'm on mac but I'm soo excited to watch a playthrough because you're one of my favorite devs AND BUGGERWORLD WAS SO GOOD!!!!

This was so epic, got 3/5 endings in this and 2/5 in the other one, there is so much detail I always love it when small details are included and the whole series idea is cool also so many different styles to program in damn

I like it! Not  a big romantic but the dialogue was funny and cute

This was an interesting platformer. I really like the concepts of the game. Never had a thing run away for me in a platformer for example. I didn't like that it took me back to lvl 1 when I died though

oh this was fun

This is a really cool bullet hell ish game, cool mechanics and this should be more popular 

Ayy I got it

This is a veryyyyy good platformer 

very fun, reminds me of when I'd play bootleg mario world games on random websites in like 2007 (but this has better controls obv)

I've never seen a platformer with a day/night cycle before! Very cool!

I really like this, the mechanics are naturally challenging but I think this game is structured so its much less rage inducing than jump king. I actually had a lot of fun. 

That happy holidays is so cute

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Floor 7 with 2 bosses, 1 with 400 hp and another with nearly 200...that's insane, only achievable with archer build

I was staring for like 5 minutes wondering why the comments were filled with gibberish 😅

this was fun, loved the boss battles

THIS WAS SOO SCARY. Good job! I also love the fluid walk cycle and movement controls nice job on that

this was such a good game!! very underrated

very sick! I love the mechanics

I liked the game! I have to admit, it took me a few resets to know how to do everything - mostly because I didn't see that you could pull up a menu with tab lol. I agree with others though, the running is a bit too slow, even though I like the stamina potion mechanic too. I'm really looking forward to playing this when it gets released!

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Loved the music and the gameplay and the ending!!

I appreciate the info.  I think this game has a lot of potential and was overall very fun to play!

This game was great! Loved the combat system, especially early game with lower level monsters its tough but fun. Later though I think it can be easy to just overlevel monsters and oneshot enemies. I wish we could keep a few more monsters though. Also, the music for this was really amazing - I'd love to get a link to any music file available!

found the special patch :) 

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Liked the game! It was a bit hard but there were a lot of checkpoints so it was nice. Also the hitbox of the character is pretty good! Beat the game and got lost in the void, oh well. Area/level design was slightly confusing but otherwise it was a good game.